Interactive Bible Studies

Understanding Daniel and Revelation

The books of Daniel and Revelation reveal God's accurate foreknowledge of events on earth. The fulfillment of Bible prophecy demonstrates that the Word of God is true.
What follows is the complete text of Daniel and Revelation with questions at the end of each chapter. If you will prayerfully read the chapter and then read the questions searching for the answers in the text you will be blessed with a clearer understanding of God's message contained in these apocalyptic prophecies.
We have included a scoreboard that keeps track of how many attempts you take to get the right answers.
Daniel was written by a Jewish captive whose name means "God is Judge." He lived and wrote in Babylon six hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Revelation was written by John the beloved disciple of Jesus in the First Century AD. Both were given visions that were to help us understand the mission of Christ in his first and second advents, together with an understanding of his ministry in Heaven's sanctuary.
We pray that you will enjoy the aide of God's Holy Spirit as you read his inspired Word.

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