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     What is the difference between the Catholic and Protestant views of justification?

     "Several hundred years ago the religious world was involved in the greatest religious conflict that this world has ever witnessed. A tremendous amount of literature has recorded a blow-by-blow account of the epic Catholic-Protestant struggle. Yet..."

        Which Christ saves? The Christ of history or the Christ of experience?

     "As we read the reports about the Jesus Revolution and the rapid spread of the charismatic movement in general, it seems that the world is suddenly ‘turning on to Jesus.’ The most outstanding characteristic of this development is..."
        "Beware of Men"


     "‘...beware of men...’ Jesus warned His disciples. He did not say, ‘Beware of bad men.’ The warning might just as well include good men. In things divine, in things..."

     Can you be sure about anything?


     "Never before have men lived in such an uncertain age. Life on this planet is very uncertain. The international situation is uncertain. The economy is uncertain. Cancer and heart disease make good health uncertain. The world is in..."
     Who is the Antichrist today?


     "The actual word antichrist is used by only one Bible writer – by St. John in his first and second Epistles. However, it is generally recognized that the apostle Paul refers to the same figure in 2 Thessalonians 2, where he warns the church about..."

     Where is the Charismatic Movement headed?

     "When the armies of Napoleon began to overrun the historic European boundaries, William Pitt stood up in the British parliament and cried, ‘Roll up the map of Europe. It will not be...